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Have a question about academic publishing? Confused about how to handle a tricky situation? Post your question related to the publication process, new trends in the industry, publication ethics, and beyond. Send in your question now and see how others in the academic community react to it. And of course, someone from Editage Insights’ team of publication experts will be there to guide you with their expert view.

Industry Hot Topics

Our society journal is accepting submission of papers from authors in EU region. Submissions can be done via email or submission systems (ScholarOne) etc. Sometimes the credit card number is required for charging submission fee etc. Upon enforcement of GDPR as of May 25, 2018, is there any matter...Read more
Is it okay to pitch your study results to media (abstract only) while simultaneously submitting a paper to a journal?...Read more
My paper was published in the journal Edorium, but it is not found in PubMed. The publisher of this journal looks rather new. Could this situation indicate some kind of problem? ...Read more
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Journal Publication Process

I face some problem while submission. After reading your response on "How do I withdraw my paper from a journal that's demanding money for a confirmation letter?", here are my questions:1. I submitted to one journal and got accepted quickly. Then journal kept pushing me to pay APC. After I verified,...Read more
I am looking for free journals or journals with low publication fee to publish a paper related to ‘Urban Planning’, to be more specific - informal settlement/slum upgrading. Kindly suggest some good journals with good impact factor....Read more
Some universities focus their KPIs on only publishing in Scopus and/or ISI indexed journals. New journals are obviously without Scopus or ISI indexing. How can we know or determine whether a particularly new journal is worth publishing in (because its en route to receiving such indexing)? And on a different...Read more
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Manuscript Preparation

If you are looking for help in writing your research paper and want all the resources you need at one go, you've come to the right place! We have put together a curation on the norms and ways of academic and research writing to help you in tackling your everyday tryst with the world of academia...Read more
I'm writing a research paper on "Difficulties in extra-activities connection among my class (BIFA4) Students". What should be included in the background?...Read more
When rewriting a thesis as a journal article, should we point this out anywhere in the manuscript? If so, where in the article should this be mentioned? ...Read more
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Quick Tips

Hi, Thanks for viewing my question. I'm looking for a detailed review of the above tools mentioned in the question. I intend to decide which tool would be the right choice to write a research paper with ease. I don't have much time left and I'd avoid learning advanced LaTeX (if that's possible). Thanks,...Read more
Many authors consider lab work easier than writing a research paper. The main challenges they face while doing the latter include structuring the research paper and following the relevant style conventions. Apart from this, authors are often confused about the language to be used in scientific papers...Read more
Google Scholar is a tool researchers commonly use for conducting literature searches. This post shares eight great tips to help make your Google Scholar search more effective....Read more
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