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Have a question about academic publishing? Confused about how to handle a tricky situation? Post your question related to the publication process, new trends in the industry, publication ethics, and beyond. Send in your question now and see how others in the academic community react to it. And of course, someone from Editage Insights’ team of publication experts will be there to guide you with their expert view.

Industry Hot Topics

In March 2017, Nobuko Miyairi, who is the Regional Director for Asia Pacific region at ORCID visited the Editage office in Mumbai, India. This is a conversation with her and the Editage Insights team. Watch Nobuko talk about how ORCID not only helps address the issue of researcher name disambiguation...Watch the video
"Don’t take my word for it, but being a scientist is about being a skeptic," says Tim van der Zee in this post. Read on to know why he thinks scientists should be skeptical of what they read and the research they conduct.  ...Read more
Is there a way to ensure that your results do not end up being irreproducible and you do not face retraction as a result? In this post, Ira Krull discusses all aspects of analytical method validation, giving detailed guidelines for researchers.    ...Read more
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Journal Publication Process

Hi! After I submitted a paper for publication as an original article, the editor said it fits best under the Commentary category of the journal and I need to shorten it to fit it in this category. I am wondering should I proceed with this or would it be better to publish it as an original article in...Read more
I have a question that is purely about ethics. If I knew a revolutionary treatment that can or might work for a medical condition, and it is already approved by the FDA for another condition, can I suggest this treatment for a patient and then publish the results in a case report as a first step towards...Read more
The current status of my manuscript is “accept,” but I got a message saying “We appreciate your attention to detail in satisfactorily revising your manuscript as suggested.” How should the revision be done? Should I send an email to the journal?  ...Read more
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Manuscript Preparation

"Occupational Health Risk Assessment of cardiometabolic Profile among Construction Workers in Enugu Nigeria" - This is the title of my paper. Do you think it is good?  ...Read more
Please help me understand my query with possible examples. I'm a little confused. Thank you. ...Read more
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Quick Tips

The department has been assigned to facilitate a seminar/workshop on international publication. I found the content of Editage Insights simple but extremely helpful in the preparation of manuscript for international publication. I want to share the knowledge I get from your team by using some of the...Read more
This article explores five of the most popular tools that researchers are leveraging within Meta Science to stay on top of their research, collaborate with their peers, and enrich the quality of their papers. It will also provide a step-by-step guide to help new Meta Science users take advantage of these...Read more
How can more scholars and journals embrace preprints to make research freely accessible? How are new uses of preprint servers changing the academic publishing landscape? This post  ...Read more
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