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Have a question about academic publishing? Confused about how to handle a tricky situation? Post your question related to the publication process, new trends in the industry, publication ethics, and beyond. Send in your question now and see how others in the academic community react to it. And of course, someone from Editage Insights’ team of publication experts will be there to guide you with their expert view.

Industry Hot Topics

Managing research data is integral to the successful completion of the research project at hand. This article takes you through some of the key aspects of data management for researchers and provides actionable tips to ensure that your crucial research data remains secure. ...Read more
Is embargo period meant only for open access option of journals? Is it possible that  subscription-based articles also have an embargo period?...Read more
A series of unplanned events led me to a copy of Charlie Munger’s famous speech titled “The Psychology of Human Misjudgment” and got my brain whirring. In the speech he lists “24 Standard Causes of Human Misjudgment.” As someone who handles research manuscripts for...Read more
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Journal Publication Process

Hello.About two months ago, I submitted a paper on the development of processing methods in a specific field and it is now being reviewed by the journal. After writing the paper, I learned that it has certain limitations. (Of course, I have included the limitations in the discussion section as...Read more
I submitted my manuscript to a journal in November 2017. One month later, the status changed to “Reviewer selection,” and there has been no progress since then. I have inquired thrice as of today, but each time the editor just replied that “we are currently searching for a reviewer”....Read more
Can one publish the same data twice if it is analyzed differently? For example, raw unaltered values are used in one publication but in the other, ratios are provided. In my opinion, although the resulting numerical data is different, the conclusion would be identical or somewhat similar....Read more
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Manuscript Preparation

My lecturer handed us a list of topics to choose from to write our research paper.  My topic is "The role of internal auditors on the effectiveness of internal controls in retail businesses." I'm having trouble coming up with a title. How do I finalize the title?...Read more
Am a new researcher in the field of computer science and engineering. I have been given this topic to write a paper review: "A Review of threat models in big data environment." I need a guide as regards the report format in order to kick start with my research and presentation. Thanks....Read more
I wish to transform my thesis into a manuscript for publication. But I have limited time to do so. Is there any service available that can help convert my thesis into a manuscript? Thanks....Read more
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Quick Tips

Google Scholar is a tool researchers commonly use for conducting literature searches. This post shares eight great tips to help make your Google Scholar search more effective....Read more
Research in many subject areas or fields involves the collection, archiving, and analysis of large amounts of data. From graduate students to veteran professors, laboratory notebooks are the holy grail to note anything and everything that occurs in their research. However, written notes can become inconvenient...Read more
Academia has traditionally been perceived as a dull world that has no room for humour and fun. But such an opinion is far from the truth. Putting such misconceptions to rest, this article lists 27 of the most hilarious academics on Twitter. Each of these Twitter accounts will bring out the silly,...Read more
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