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Have a question about academic publishing? Confused about how to handle a tricky situation? Post your question related to the publication process, new trends in the industry, publication ethics, and beyond. Send in your question now and see how others in the academic community react to it. And of course, someone from Editage Insights’ team of publication experts will be there to guide you with their expert view.

Industry Hot Topics

Recently, I posted on Facebook about how well I'd done academically this past semester as a full-time student who works full-time and also, somehow, found the time to write and pass my PhD preliminary exam as well. Among the several comments that I received, there were a few people who posted about me...Read more
This week was the deadline of my first ever real grant application. It’s been pretty hard work, but in a strange way I’ve kind of enjoyed it. I get the impression from my senior colleagues that by the time you’ve written a whole bunch of grant proposals it gets less fun, but I’m still naive...Read more
I was first introduced to coding when I attended an introductory bioinformatics workshop in 2014. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my transition from bench-work in the lab to bioinformatics. Although I was able to make the transition to the field of bioinformatics, I have to...Read more
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Journal Publication Process

Newer forms of unethical practices are on the rise in the acdemic publishing world, taking unsuspecting authors by surprise. When a dissatisfied author gives a negative rating to an online plagiarism check service vendor, the vendor publishes her paper anonymously to settles scores. When the...Read more
French theoretical physicist and founder of the Dolos list, Professor Alexander Georges, shares his views on the emergence of predatory publishing and discusses how this business model poses a threat to the integrity of scientific endeavor. ...Read more
Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are among the biggest concerns in research communities. How to write a thesis without self plagiarism between my thesis and journal article?...Read more
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Manuscript Preparation

Quick Tips

Many authors consider lab work easier than writing a research paper. The main challenges they face while doing the latter include structuring the research paper and following the relevant style conventions. Apart from this, authors are often confused about the language to be used in scientific papers...Read more
Google Scholar is a tool researchers commonly use for conducting literature searches. This post shares eight great tips to help make your Google Scholar search more effective....Read more
Research in many subject areas or fields involves the collection, archiving, and analysis of large amounts of data. From graduate students to veteran professors, laboratory notebooks are the holy grail to note anything and everything that occurs in their research. However, written notes can become inconvenient...Read more
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