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Have a question about academic publishing? Confused about how to handle a tricky situation? Post your question related to the publication process, new trends in the industry, publication ethics, and beyond. Send in your question now and see how others in the academic community react to it. And of course, someone from Editage Insights’ team of publication experts will be there to guide you with their expert view.

Industry Hot Topics

This week was the deadline of my first ever real grant application. It’s been pretty hard work, but in a strange way I’ve kind of enjoyed it. I get the impression from my senior colleagues that by the time you’ve written a whole bunch of grant proposals it gets less fun, but I’m still naive...Read more
I was first introduced to coding when I attended an introductory bioinformatics workshop in 2014. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my transition from bench-work in the lab to bioinformatics. Although I was able to make the transition to the field of bioinformatics, I have to...Read more
Editage's recently released Global Author Survey Report, based on the perspectives of almost 7000 researchers worldwide, highlighted the gravity and types of problems faced by researchers, especially those from non-Western, non–English-speaking countries. One of the major gaps evident throughout...Read more
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Journal Publication Process

I am working on a study in the field of Economics since the last year. Recently a researcher from another country published a working paper (WP) about a study which is similar to my study. Though this WP includes some technical problems, its principle is largely similar to my study. Even if...Read more
Hi, I am a graduate student. I wrote a review article in English which doesn't have data from trial or lab. I want to submit it to a tier 4 journal with lower IF, but my supervisor disagreed and refused to review the paper for me. Can I publish it as an individual? Or just use the university name? Will...Read more
I submitted my paper to an Elsevier journal a few months ago. The status was "Under Review" for about 2 months and recently changed to "Ready for Decision." A few days later, the status switched back to "Under Review" again. What does this indicate? Is my paper at risk of rejection?...Read more
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Manuscript Preparation

Quick Tips

Academia has traditionally been perceived as a dull world that has no room for humour and fun. But such an opinion is far from the truth. Putting such misconceptions to rest, this article lists 27 of the most hilarious academics on Twitter. Each of these Twitter accounts will bring out the silly,...Read more
As we enter the final week of our anniversary month, we thought it would be a great time for a special anniversary spot quiz! Just answer this single question related to scholarly publishing and get the chance to win an exciting prize!...Read more
In honor of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, we thought of looking back at some of the other Nobel Laureates in the field of chemistry. How much do you really know about the Nobel Prize in Chemistry? Try answering these 5 simple questions and find out! ...Read more
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What's New?

I find that a great way to stay motivated is to find people whose work you find inspirational and use them as a benchmark for yourself. Personally, I admire a few scientists and I like to think of them as my superheroes. Incidentally, the researchers who inspire me to do better are all women! And here,...Read more
Over 6000 full-text articles published in 23 Nature journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, and Nature Physics from November 2017 onward will be rolled out to relevant ResearchGate users’ profiles. ...Read more
eLife's reproducible research paper will allow readers to change the underlying code and produce altered results to better understand the work presented in the research. ...Read more
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